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Abraham Kuyper: Dutch Protestant; b. at Maassluis (10 m. w. of Rotterdam) Oct. 29, 1837. He studied in Leyden, and was pastor at Beesd (1863-68), Utrecht (1868-70), and Amsterdam (1870-74). In 1874 he became a figure in the political life of Holland, being a member of the States-General for Gouda from that year until 1877. In 1894 he was again returned to the same body for Sliedrecht, and in 1901 became prime minister. In 1880 he founded at Amsterdam the Free University, where he has since been professor, lecturing on various topics as occasion requires. In theology he is a strict orthodox Calvinist, and as such founded the Reformed Free Church in 1886. He has lectured extensively in the United States, and in 1898 was L. P. Stone lecturer at Princeton Theological Seminary. Besides editing the Standaard (a daily newspaper) since 1872 and the Herout (weekly) since 1878, he has written many works, including: Eenvormigheid, de vloek van het moderne leven (Amsterdam, 1869); Het modernisme, een Fata Morgana op christelijk gebied (1871); Tractaat van de refomatie der kerken (1883); Het werk van den Heiligen Geest (3 parts, 1888-89; Eng. transl., New York, 1900); E voto dordraceno Toelichting op den Heidelbergschen Catechismus (4 parts, 1892-95); and Calvinism (Stone lectures, 1899). He also edited Johannes a Lasco's complete works (2 vols., Amsterdam, 1866); Kerkeraadsprotocollen der hollandsche gemeente te London, 1569-1571 (Utrecht, 1870); and F. du Jon's Opuscula theologica selecta (Amsterdam, 1882). Portions of his Encyclopaedie der heilige Godgeleerdheid (3 vols., Amsterdam, 1894) have been translated into English under the title, Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology: Its Principles (London and New York, 1898).

Bibliography: L. H. Jordan, Comparative Religion, pp. 434--435, New York, 1905; W. H. de S. Lohman, Presbyterian and Reformed Review, ix (1898), 561 sqq.; C. A. Mason, in Outlook, lxx (1902), 333 sqq.



The following is a list of books or articles available by Abraham Kuyper translated into English and available online 

- in approximately date order of original.

1878. 'Liberalists and Jews' translated by Dr. Jann Schlebusch available on line here.

1879 Dr. A. Kuyper, Het heil in ons (1879; repr. Kampen: Kok, 1910), pp. 165?225.

       This study appeared in thirteen instalments in the Sunday supplement of De Standaard, from Aug. 2 to Nov. 15, 1874. ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke

1880. 'Sphere Sovereignty' (A public address delivered at the inauguration of the Free University, Oct. 20, 1880) Translated by George Kamps

1883. 'Keeping Watch over Their Flock at Night' Honing uit de Rotssteen, vol. 2, no. 1 (translated by James DeJong)

1888. Days of Glad Tidings - Pentecost (with Ascension Day) vol. III (translated from Dagen van Goede Boodschap -Op den Pinksterdag (Met Hemelvaart) J.A. Wormser: Amsterdam, 1888 - by Jack Van Meggelen)

1888. The Ascent of the Son The Descent of the Spirit. (26 Meditations on Ascension and Pentecost)Translated by Jan H. Boer

1889. 'The Cross Versus the Tree of Liberty'. Original full Dutch title: Niet de Vrijheidsboom Maar het Kruis: Toespraak ten Opening van de Tiende Deputatenvergadering in het Eeuwjaar der Fransche Revolutie. Amsterdam: J. A. Wormser.1890. "Lecture on missions." Given at the mission conference, Amsterdam, Jan. 28?30, 1890. ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke

1895.  "Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism Lord?s Day 42 (1895)" Markets & Morality.16(2) (2013)

1895. 'Calvinism: The Origin and Safeguard of our constitutional Liberties'Bibliotheca Sacra (July/ Oct 1895)

1898. Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology

1898 Lectures on Calvinism: Six Stone Lectures

1899. The Antithesis between symbolism and revelation

1900. Work of the Holy Spirit also here The Work of the Holy Spirit [from CCEL]

        Extracts from The Work of the Holy Spirit:

            Sermon on Sanctification

            Sermon on Sanctification and Justification

1901. "Catholic Voters of District VIII" Source: Kuyper-archief, Historisch Documentatiecentrum VU, nr. 6460. 

           ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke

1904. 'The Biblical Criticism of the Present Day'Bibliotheca Sacra (July/ Oct 1904)

1907. The Mystery of Islam. Translated by Jan H. Boer.  Chapter 1 of Volume 2 of Kuyper's Om de Oude Wereldzee (Around the Ancient Mediterranean Sea).

1908. To Be Nearer Unto God

1909. "Kuyper on political cartooning." From the Foreword to Dr. Kuyper in de Caricatuur. (Amsterdam: Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1909) ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke

1909"Kuyper on coalitions and antithesis." From Wij, Calvinisten . . . (Kok, Kampen, 1909), 11-18. Selection from an address to the 17th National Assembly of Anti-Revolutionary Party delegates, convened in Utrecht on 22 April 1909, in preparation for the coming general elections. 

           ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke

1909. "Kuyper on Calvin" From Wij, Calvinisten . . . (Kok, Kampen, 1909). Extract from Abraham Kuyper?s address to the 17th National Assembly of Delegates of the Antirevolutionary Party, gathered at Utrecht, 24 April 1909, in preparation for the upcoming general election campaign. This translation of pp. 149?52. ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke.

1912. Abraham Kuyper on separate organizations Pro Rege, or the Kingship of Christ (Kampen: Kok, 1912), 3:184?94 (§ XIX).

          ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke

1912. You Can Do Greater things Than Christ. Translated by Jan H. Boer (section from Pro Rege)

1916. The Evolution of the Use of the Bible in Europe in Centennial Pamphlets, No. 2. American Bible Society: New York, 1916

On Kuyper:

1937-8. "Some third-hand information about Kuyper's conversion." Letter from P. H. A. van Krieken to H. Colijn. (Translated by Harry van Dyke)

A bibliography of works on/ about Kuyper

(Compiled by Steve Bishop)

This first appeared in:

Bishop, Steve 2013. "A bibliography of works on/ about Abraham Kuyper." In Bishop, S, and Kok, J. (eds). 2013. On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work & Legacy of Abraham Kuyper. Sioux Center: Dordt College Press, Ch. 33; pp. 453-476.

The largest Kuyper online bibliography can be accessed at www.kuyperresearch.org which is maintained by Princeton Seminary.

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Gregory Baus' Kuyperian

John Boer's Kuyperiana

Books and articles on Boer's site on Kuyper include:

Algra, H. 1976., “Doctor Abraham Kuyper.” Het Wonder van de 19e eeuw: Van Vrije Kerken en Kleine Luyden, fourth printing revised and expanded. Franeker, The Netherlands: T. Wever, 1976. Chapter 24, pp. 304-316. Translated by Jan H. Boer

De Gooyer, A.C. and Rudolf Van Reest, R.  Abraham Kuyper – A Close-Up: A Treasury of the Personal and Pious Kuyper. Transl. and eds. Jan H. Boer and Frances A. Boer-Prins.

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